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From the Wilderness to the Workplace

We create uniquely tailored experiential learning programs for businesses to forge an advantageous culture, untangle thorny management challenges, and improve performance. But we didn’t just develop our skills overnight.


It accelerated relationship-building within my staff by six months.

– Former Maine Governor and current Sen. Angus King on Outward Bound Professional





Manage troublesome conflict.

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It is in Our DNA

For seventy years, Outward Bound has inspired character and group development through active learning expeditions. At Outward Bound Professional, we adapt techniques we’ve developed over decades in the wilderness and apply those tools to a particularly tricky challenge for organizations: improving the workplace dynamic.

Dynamic Costs


Managers waste 37 percent of their day dealing with dysfunctional behavior.


Nine out of ten workers waste time frustrated by coworkers' behavior.


Disengaged employees means the loss of 1 out of every 3 payroll dollars.

We have yet to discover a faster, more effective, teambuilding program.

– Leng Lao, Executive Director, CIB Learning, JP Morgan on Outward Bound Professional


Dynamic Benefits



Investments in human capital double productivity compared to investments in physical capital.

Companies that invest $680 in training per employee improved total stockholder return by 6 percent per year over companies that don’t.

Those that invest $1,600 per employee have 24 percent higher gross profit margins, and 218 percent higher income per employee.


Untangle jumbled communication.

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We Know Group Dynamics

All of that experience has taught us a unique understanding of how individual behaviors accumulate into group dynamics, and how group dynamics combine to make up a culture. Leaders sometimes struggle to improve these powerful, unwritten codes. But leaders know when they need help.
That’s where we come in.





For individuals, character is destiny. For organizations, culture is destiny.

― Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose



Leverage seamless teamwork.

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How We Do It

Sometimes leaders know exactly what needs fixing. Sometimes we are asked to help them with that diagnosis. Then we apply our vast experience, creativity, and unsurpassed technical skills to develop a program that cultivates the desired results.

We can come to your offices or meet you at a conference center.
You can travel to a base camp or embark on a wilderness expedition.





 Embrace Change

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How it Works

We deploy a team of facilitators with an average of 20 years of experience improving individual and group performance. They deliver programs anywhere in the world, inside or outside, at luxurious resorts or at your facility. Half-day or multiple-day, physical challenges are tailored for each group.